New Construction

“The Healthy Side of Green”

MDH Gold Standard Builder


Our HealthyExposure® homes are customized to reflect your lifestyle, while incorporating special features to ensure that your home’s environment fits your needs. .

new-construc-1Whether you are building a single-family dwelling or a multi-generational home for an extended family, our team of design and construction professionals will partner with you to create a HealthyExposure® Home of exceptional quality and sustainability that meets your lifestyle needs.

At HealthyExposure® we offer quality new construction services with an emphasis on healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable building practices that are designed to provide healthy, comfortable and energy efficient environment.  


Not only do we incorporate clean construction practices during the construction phase of your project, you can also be assured that your project will be treated with the highest levels of professionalism and unparalleled customer satisfaction. 

Because of the unique circumstances involved in the construction of your home, our team of design and construction professionals take a comprehensive building and design approach to your home. We understand influences that affect the quality and health of your home.     

If you have a new home project you have been considering, please call us for a one-on-one consultation with one of our design and construction professionals to show you how we can help turn your dreams into reality.



HealthyExposure® has offices in Lakeville and Maple Grove, Minnesota